Hello! I'm PAM

Predictive Analytics Maestro, or PAM for short, is an AI powered predictive analytics that has been built around our tech talent ecosystem.

Utilizing her machine learning algorithm, PAM is able to make factual and logical predictions without the risk of human error.

Why tech talents love using PAM?

Eases the offer management process

Her unique predictive analytics will suggest more accurate offers that will help candidates on their offer acceptance.
By doing so, the offer process becomes efficient.

Strive for continuous improvement

PAM even provides achievable insights and data for decision making. In return, improving candidate experiences by monitoring the entire performance of the offer management process.

What makes PAM unique?

Improves candidates offer acceptance rate

Leverage PAM and its intelligent database to increase candidate acceptance rate by speeding up the offer process allowing companies to find the right candidates quickly.

Real-time market data

PAM provides access to real-time market data to better understand market trends such as Salary Ocean, Skill Treemap or Job Demand Heatmap empowering candidates to make better decisions for their careers.

Candidate skills are taken into account

Today’s job market is constantly changing and companies are looking for candidates with high value skills. PAM uses market data to evaluate these skills utilizing our Skill Treemap to ensure candidates are fairly valued

Access to career-building resources

Gain access to TalentX Intelligence database for a variety of career-building resources. Identify technical skills that could be further improved or discover in-demand skills to develop to upgrade your career